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Related post: Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 16:10:47 -0800 From: Jordan Faulkner Subject: Red Ribbon Ch.2 "See you later Janelle!" shouted her friend Cindy. My back was aching after volleyball practice. I was in the mood for a much needed shower. I no panty preteens strolled up the empty drive way and admired the faint breeze that Fall liked to give. I felt a small vibration in my shower underage preteen pocket and fumbled to reach my cell phone. The caller i.d. displayed it was Charlotte. "Hey Char," I said into the phone making my way up nude preteens ru the porch steps, "What's up? I just got virgin preteen boys home." "My car won't start," explained Charlotte, "So I'll be a little late coming over tonight. Kris is gonna come pick me up then I have to drive him over to preteen upskrit pictures Asher's and pick him up later. You ok with that?" I glanced at the clock on my phone and saw that it was a little past 6:30. I made my way through the front door after fiddling with my keys, "Yeah. I'm fine with that. How is Asher? After today and well, you know. Natalie's anniversary is coming up." "I'm not sure. His parents are always out of town on business and he's barely sleeping anymore. And it's like so obvious my brother is in love with him and Asher just doesn't seem to notice. And his nightmares and all this other junk," she explained. "Wow. preteen blog sites Sounds like he's got a lot on his plate. I love how the whole school knows your brother is in love with Asher sexy nymphs preteen yet he doesn't even realize it." "Yeah, it's sad watching Kris preteen tight tits really slave over Asher but I know he isn't being oblivious on purpose. He just has a serious lot on his plate," defended Charlotte. "Yeah. Well just call when you're here. I'm not going anywhere except the preteens photo shoots dreaded land of Calculus," I russian erotic preteens huffed. "Ha ha. Alright. I'll see preteens fucked movies you in about an hour or two. Bye," she clicked. 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"Hey," said Charlotte, "I have to wait for a tow truck so I'm gonna be a little later than I thought." "Dang. That bad?" "Yeah. It just won't start and Kris couldn't figure what was wrong. So we called the triple c or whatever." "Triple A," I heard Kris shout in the background. "Same thing," she laughed, "But I'll be there in like an hour." "Alright. Bring some food or something. Mom's gonna be back late and there's nothing here," I young preteens model said in hopes that she'll bring food. "Ugh. Bitch. Fine," she laughed, "I don't know what I'm craving though." "I don't care. Surprise me as preteen sexy dreams long as it's food!" "Alright. I'll see you in a bit. Bye." "Bye," I said and clicked off the phone. I slipped on a loose white dress and let my hair down. As it fell along the back hardcore preteen rapidshare of my neck it swayed creating a gentle breeze. I slipped on my red wine cardigan yopless preteens and made my way down stairs. As I trudged into the kitchen I set my phone down on the counter top. I finished the remaining of my martini and waltzed into the living room plopping myself on the couch. I flipped on the television and noticed that it was just approaching 7:15. I heard a faint rumbling noise from the kitchen and realized I had left my phone on the counter. I quickly scurried over to answer it. I flipped open the bald preteen virgins phone and quickly answered. "Charlotte, just get in the damn car and bring me food," I laughed. "Whose Charlotte?" spoke the man from earlier. "Oh. It's you again," I said with disinterest, "She's just my friend. Uhm, I really think that girl gave you the wrong number." "Oh, I know. I just wanted preteen girl diaper to call you again," he answered. "Well. Why?" preteen supermodels shameless I asked annoyed and puzzled. "To talk," amature preteen model he responded slowly. "My Mother told me never talk pre teen titties to strangers," I bantered, "See ya." I hung up the phone and shuddered at the creep. I strolled back into the living room and fre preteen nudes scooted back on the couch focusing on the television. petite preteen modes I set my phone down on the preteen perfect model coffee table preteen modals images and switched it off vibrate. I was tired of hearing that preteen porn pic annoying sound when it vibrated against something. I returned my gaze back at the girl on the television in a heated panic. She rate preteen pics was crying and going nuts about how her boyfriend was murdered. Stupid slasher movies. My phone went off startling me. Reluctantly teenie world preteen I was met with the caller i.d. displaying Unknown once more. "Dude. Listen. preteen hardcore pic You seriously need to stop calling me," I preteen uniform sex answered. "But why? All I want to do is apologize," he pleaded. "You're forgiven. Now have a erotic preteens girls nice life and stop calling me. I'm obviously not Natalie and she obviously gave you the wrong number," I explained. "No. You're not Natalie. She's dead," he said sternly. I froze at those chilling words. "What did you say?" I asked tensely. "I said that she was in bed," he explained. "That's not what you said," I spoke seriously, "I have to go." "Don't hang up on me," he instructed sternly. "Bye." I hung up. I began to grow nervous. Normally prank callers were stupid kids who weren't being watched by their babysitters but he spoke of Natalie. My heart skipped a beat as the phone rang loudly once more. My hands were shaking preteen molestation as I flipped it open already knowing who was on the other line. I took off my sweater as I became heated with panic. "Listen fool. STOP CALLING ME," I yelled. "No you listen you fucking slut. If you don't keep talking boys young preteen to me I'll skewer you just like I skewered that little bitch Natalie," he yelled. I gulped loudly. My heart surged out an adrenaline rush. "Who is this?" I asked, "This is so hot preteens nudes not funny." "I don't play jokes Janelle," he spoke sternly, "I play preteen galleries rapidshare games." "How do you know my name?" I asked in fear. I ran to the front door locking it peeking out into the front yard to see no one there. The glass was fogging with every frantic breath I took. "I know everything about you Janelle. From watching you at Volleyball practice, to preteen angeles you stepping into preteen lollitas naked the shower, to that cute little white dress you're wearing right preteen nn net now. But where's your red sweater...that was my favorite part." I froze. extreme preteen modeling I was breathing frantically. My heart was pounding and the adrenaline was surging. My knees began to shake in fear. The phone was clenched in my hand and nearly pressed into my skull. The man was laughing. I began to whimper. "What...what do you want?" I asked trying to choke back tears of fear. "To talk," he spoke, "Simple as that." "Ok. We've talked. You've had your fun. Now please, just leave me alone," I said wiping back a tear. "You're not scared are you, Janelle?" I hung up. I tried regaining control of my senses and made my way into the kitchen. My phone rang again but this time I ignored it. I controlled the situation now. I was so busy regaining my senses that I wasn't expecting my house phone to ring. It sent a loud ring through the kitchen that sent a scream out of me. I reached out shaking to grab the phone and saw the caller i.d. flash Unknown at me. I answered. "What?" I asked. "I told you not to hang up on me," he snapped, "And you don't pick up preteen model links my call after I try calling back when you're so rude?" I was shaking uncontrollably by now. "Look just call someone else and we'll leave ace model preteen it at bare naturalism preteen that. I won't tell anyone what you're doing, ok?" "And just what am I doing?" he preteen boy speedo asked in a deadly tone, "Huh? Janelle?" My preteen sex erotic breathing was my response. With each preteens erotica frantic up-and-down motion of my chest I had to try and clear my head. I needed a plan but I had no idea of what kind. An escape? My thoughts were strewn about as I stood paralyzed in my kitchen. My hand seemed frozen like a block of ice as I held movie sex preteen the phone to my ear. The man interrupted my focus with his sinister laugh. "You sexy topless preteen know not answering me is just as bad as hanging up, right?" I stood silent. I felt the air whizzing past me. I felt like every move I'd make was the wrong one. I scanned the kitchen and saw a knife rack sitting in the middle of the counter. I leaned over and grabbed the largest one. The sharp noise as I retracted it from the slot sent a shiver up my arm and chilled my blood. I never thought I'd retract my preteen nymphet virgins own kitchen knife for a means of survival. "ANSWER ME!" he shouted. I screamed in terror. "I don't know what to say," I began crying. "Awwww don't cry Janelle," he falsely cooed, "Want to preteen body xxx know a secret?" "What?" I asked. I instantly heard a creak from upstairs. My model preteen top100 head shot up in fear as I tried to listen for magazine playtoy preteen more noises. I arched around the corner and poked my head out into the hallway and up the stairs. My legal japan preteen hand clenched the knife in a strict method. I was ready to fight. With knees buckled I yelled once more, "WHAT!?" "You forgot to lock the back door," shouted a man from behind me. I spun around to see a tall and bulky hooded figure standing just inches away from me with a sharp blade in hand. It glistened in the light and highlighted its deadly presence. I screamed utter terror. I threw the phone at him as he neared me and ran down the hall screaming. As my feet trotted along the wooden floor I glanced quickly behind me and saw I was not being followed. My anime preteen xxx next thought was interrupted by a huge blow to my side. The hooded figure tackled me to the ground from the side and I let out another piercing scream. My body tensed up from the blow and the weight of the man on top of me. I was dazed and saw blurs. I snapped back into reality as he drew the knife to my face scratching the tip of the blade against my cheek. The sound of my skin scraping against his knife sent a primeval scream through my lungs. I picked up my knee and shoved it in his groin. He toppled over in muffled pains and muttered, "You fucking bitch." I crawled over to my side and rose up preparing myself to run like hell. I stepped forward like an engine revving before its release of speed. I was unfortunately stalled as I felt the photo preteen board man's asian preteen sex hand grab my ankle and pull it towards him. I reeled forward and face-planted against the hardwood floor. My arms ached as I tried to pick preteen model gallerys myself up off the floor. I shook my leg in a frenzy of kicks and adrenaline to continue my escape. I got my foot free and scurried forward onto my feet and bald preteens pussy bolted candid preteen pantyhose down the hall screaming. Adrenaline was fueling me at this point and I kept wondering, "Am I going to die?" I turned the new preteen sex corner of the hall and slammed into the front door. I tried pulling it open and the door was locked shut. I fumbled with the locks until I saw the man's reflection through the glass coming at me with a hurtling underage young preteens guttural noise and his knife raised high. I screamed and lunged right as I preteen pedophilia xxx watched him plunge his knife into my front door. He sideswiped me with his other arm sending me right back into the front door. My head hit the glass and I heard a silent crack. My head flashed throbs of pain as I sent out another piercing scream. I felt the back of my head and felt something wet touch my fingers. I bright my fingers into my vision and saw blood staining them. Another surge of adrenaline sent me bolting up the stairs. I was utterly dazed from hitting my head but I scurried as fast as I could. Pain was pulsing through my body as I let out helpless cries. I looked behind me to see the hooded figure hot on my trail. I felt a huge weight push me flat on the floor as I realized he had tackled me in a quick frenzy. My face hit the cold hardwood floor with a scream. He grabbed my pony tail tight in his grip sending tiny pricks of pain on my scalp. He dragged me forward by my hair as I screamed for mercy. My skin burned as it was being dragged across modeling playtoy preteen the wood floor. My hands were clenched tight at my head hoping to erase all the pain I was feeling. I kicked and panicked and scratched the walls doing whatever I could to stop him. Then I felt it. The almighty punch that knocked the wind out of me. I gasped out loud as I looked down and saw him retract the knife from my side. My white dress had begun to turn a shade of crimson and my side real preteensreal preteens began seeping with pain. I clenched my side and saw the ravenous amount of blood coming out. My hands soon girl preteen erotica turned into a bright sour red. I was still being dragged down the hallway and I noticed the paths of blood I left along the floor and the walls. I felt life slipping from me. I felt weaker and weaker until I sensed a stop in movement. My killer turned me onto my back and all preteen models I watched a form of familiar eyes shoot a deathly glare back at me. I cried out in pain and betrayal. He raised the knife in front of sandra preteen friends me and I made an effort to hit it out of his hand until I felt his brooding knuckles slam across my face, turning me over, and another sharp punch to my back that sent a breathless gasp out of my throat. brazil preteens model I repeatedly felt these punches until I felt drained of life. I looked back at the man who was murdering me. He stood hovering over me and emitted a primal noise from his heartless chest. I tried crawling over to the door once more but was met with a sharp pain in my head...or what preteen free anal I thought was my head. I was maxwell angels preteens muttering out my last few breaths as he picked me up by my hair that was dripping my own blood and slammed me against the wall. I barely heard the thud as my body crashed against my own bedroom wall. I was so disoriented I preteen model fur didn't even realize I was being murdered dark collection preteen in my own bedroom. My room was plastered with my blood and unheard screams. I saw sweet preteen pussies my killer raise his preteens hot pictures knife and thrust it into my chest that sent the final cry and burst of air from my very soul. I barely felt the fall onto the floor and puffed out a polish preteen model few more breaths. Finally I just enveloped into a brighter photography art preteen world and fell into a black oblivion. I was murdered in preteen pure my own uderage preteens nude bedroom and I watched my lifeless body. My killer wasted no time wrapping the final touch on my death- the red ribbon that would connect me to everything that lay hidden in a bow of lies.
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